Ethiopia: Input-Output Table and Social Accounting Matrix 2015/16

Ethiopia: Input-Output Table and Social Accounting Matrix 2015/16
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Andualem T. Mengistu, Firew Bekele Woldeyes, Ermias Dessie, Zewdu Ayalew, Alekaw Yeshineh and Alfredo J. Mainar Causapé
13 May 2020
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A Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) is a comprehensive economy-wide database recording data on all transactions between economic agents in a certain economy during a certain period of time. It is used for two main purposes. First it provides comprehensive data for economic modelling (multi-sectorial linear models or more complex CGE models). Second a SAM shows a complete and intuitive snapshot of the economy at hand. A SAM may be prepared using existing Input-Output or Supply use tables or by preparing these databases from various micro and macroeconomic databases. In preparation of the current SAM we followed the later approach. The report presents the Supply-Use tables and Social Accounting Matrix for Ethiopia, for Ethiopian Fiscal year 2015/16. It describe the structure of the SAM, data sources, and estimation methods.

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